Support Systems for

  • Account Management
  • Receptionist Services
  • Administrative Support

Our systeM helps Self-managed Communities run smoothly

Monthly Fees for Self-managed communities

✓ $250 per month fee


✓ $5.00 per unit per month

Other fees may apply for new community set up, additional users, copies and postage, etc.


Your company’s website will direct to the CINC community web page where they can register or log in to access their community and unit information.

Owners can make payments and view documents online

Owners have special access with additional viewing privileges

Improved communication with owners and Board Members

Complete transparency with Owners


Trestle Alliance addresses your community’s basic administrative needs so that your time is spent more effectively.

Maintain Files

- Maintain Association files, maintenance schedules, etc.
- Maintain electronic files for each unit
- Transfers of ownership and contact information

Assist Owners

- Accept owner calls and answer account related questions
- Request emails from callers or forward calls to designated board representative


- Print and mail statements
- Provide letter templates to facilitate correspondence

Providing professional back office support

Team- Our staff becomes your staff and with our proven systems, you can successfully operate your Community Association

Efficiency – Set up and maintain your CINC access and CINC Web access offering integrated banking, management software and web interface for owners

Accounting – Services including collections, bill payment, financial reports, owner account access and tools for budget preparation

Mechanics – Assist with the set up of your individualized community phone line and accept all owner calls – answering account related questions and forwarding other calls to the designated Board Member as applicable


All accounting functions are completed in the Trestle Alliance offices by a designated accounting staff

Bank Accounts

- Administration and reconciliation of all bank accounts
- Operating checking accounts with partner bank
- Reserve savings and/or investment accounts

Collect Assessments

- Assist with the preparation of payment coupons
- Payments processed through Lock Box at bank
- Online payments accepted by ACH or Credit Card
- Assist in the collection of delinquent accounts

Pay Invoices

- Association invoices will be scanned in and coded by manager to ensure proper expensing
- Manager can be a signor on all checks or can designate TGM


- Provide financial statements to Board each month
- Financial statements and supplemental documents available online for Board viewing anytime


- Provide budget preparation tools and templates


Assist and provide information as required to the Association’s auditor to complete third party audit and tax preparation
- Auditors can access CINC system as special users