Virtual Meetings

I just had the privilege of attending a CAI Seminar ( ) on Alternative Board Meetings in the Digital Age. 

I must admit – the possibility of having Board Meetings via web conferencing is VERY appealing. This is where you should be picturing me – in pajamas from the waist down with comfy slippers – as I “professionally attend” a meeting from the waist up. 

 However, there are some issues:

  •  The Law requires open meetings – to allow all owners an opportunity to attend. 
  • Not every owner or every Board Member has access to the technology required to participate in Web Conferencing. 
  • There is a legal liability of creating a permanent record of the web conference “meeting” that will live in cyber space until some owner finds it – and sues. 

So – where does this leave us? My take away from the seminar is that there is a lot of potential for web conferencing in our industry but not as a means to replace the Board Meetings. Board Meetings should still be scheduled, announced and held in a physical location with a quorum of the Board present in person. However, if a Board Member or two want to attend but cannot be there in person due to deployment, family emergency, travel requirements, etc. web conferencing is a great way to allow them to participate remotely. 

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