About Us

About Us

It Should Always Start with the Why

Nothing brings me more personal fulfillment than contributing to someone’s success – whether it is my child completing a school project, a friend making a home for their family, a community completing a major renovation, or a client achieving their business goals. Of course, I have ambitions of my own and want to be successful in my own right – and with Trestle, I get the best of both worlds. I grow my business by helping others succeed in theirs. 

A trestle serves as a support mechanism for bridges that span large distances. Trestles create some of the strongest bridges and are frequently used on railway bridges. I chose this name because that is our goal, to provide a framework and strongly supported base from which you can launch and expand your business.



My name is Shannon Conrad and I am the owner and CEO of Trestle Group Management, Inc. I was born and raised in Annapolis, MD, went to the Key School, and then studied business at Loyola College in Baltimore. I started in property management in 1999 with my sister’s company, Victory Management, as a Community Association Manager.

In 2003, I moved to Watertown, New York, where I worked in Business Development for a commercial design build company. I was privileged to work on some major construction projects including a 24,000 SF dialysis facility, the city’s first LEED certified hotel and others. The experience that I gained in business planning, sales, financing, project management, construction, and interior design is indispensable and has made me a better leader and community manager. 

When I decided to come back home to Maryland, I knew that I wanted to grow my own community management business. My sister gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by letting me grow my business while still working for her full-time as a manager. My company sub-contracted her company to perform reception and accounting functions for my Associations. Having that basic, yet essential support allowed me to focus on managing my community clients and on growing my business slowly and securely. The idea for Trestle was born. When I had enough community clients to support my own overhead, I was able to set up my own office and staff to operate independently. I have been right where you are, and I can help you take your business to a new level.



Trestle’s management support services ensure that independent Community Association Managers or Portfolio Managers operate efficiently and cost effectively, while in early growth. Our services provide a foundation for you to perform management functions and spend time networking instead of opening mail and answering basic questions. 

Trestle also offers accounting services for communities that are and wish to remain self-managed. The Board remains actively involved in all decisions and owner communications in an open and transparent platform to improve owner participation.

Each business owner or community is assigned to a Trestle Account Manager, so that you have one point of contact and they are invested in your success. Owner calls from all of your communities will be received by your account manager, as you instruct. Your Account Manager will perform all of your basic bookkeeping tasks and support you administratively. Your business is their business. 

Our staff members are all certified through CAI and participate in continuing education. They are specifically trained to assist managers and provide community association accounting services



If you manage one community or a few communities and want to grow – NOW! If you have ten communities and want to increase your profitability – NOW! Business ownership is difficult and can involve a lot of upfront costs – office space, equipment, staff, etc. By contracting with Trestle, your company will have the appearance of a brick and mortar office, provide your owners with the service of a full staff, and keep growing without paying all of those upfront costs. 



From our offices in Elkridge, MD – we can help management companies located anywhere in the US. Our professional partnerships with CINC, Vonage, and First Century Bank ensure that we operate 100% off the cloud. You can log on and see real time activity with your business and with your communities at any time and from anywhere.